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Detailed timetable calendar file In order to enable an iCal export link, your account needs to have an API key created. This key enables other applications to access data from within Indico even when you are neither using nor logged into the Indico system yourself with the link provided. I have read and understood the above. Additionally to having an API key associated with your account, exporting private event information requires the usage of a persistent signature. This enables API URLs which do not expire after a few minutes so while the setting is active, anyone in possession of the link provided can access the information. Due to this, it is extremely important that you keep these links private and for your use only. If you think someone else may have acquired access to a link using this key in the future, you must immediately create a new key pair on the ‘My Profile’ page under the ‘HTTP API’ and update the iCalendar links afterwards. Permanent link for public information only: Permanent link for all public and protected information:

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Beers made with top fermenting yeasts, usually at warmer temperatures. Belgian monks at places like Chimay and Orval brew beers given this moniker. Brand that makes a cameo appearance in Das Boot?

HERA Joint Research Programme Application Template for a Project Idea to attend the Matchmaking Event on 29th January in Tallinn, Estonia Name and Organisation of the Applicant: Dr. Arūnas Vyšniauskas (Vilnius University) / M.A. Mindaugas Šapoka (PhD Student – University of Aberdeen) Title of the Project Idea: The comparative history of international military incidents in the global.

Your itinerary Day 1 Malta Malta is a Mediterranean island of great historical importance influenced by many great empires. The capital fortress city of Valletta, described as an open air museum, is mainly Baroque in character having been built in the 16th century by the Order of St John of Jerusalem. It offers some of Europe’s finest palaces, churches, and works of art. Valletta harbour is surrounded by cream coloured buildings, twisting streets, hillsides beyond, fishing craft and luzzo boats below.

Day At Sea At sea Day 3 Corsica The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, where one can stroll past the cathedral where the future emperor was baptized and the Casa Bonaparte is a museum devoted to the imperial glory. But Corsica is also known as the “scented isle” because of the aromatic bush, le maquis, that covers much of the island.

Day 4 Villefranche Nice Picturesque little Villefranche sur Mer, whose historic medieval buildings cluster along the coast, is fascinating in itself but it’s also ideally located for visits to Nice, Monaco, Cannes and the French Riviera. Visit some of the excellent museums, historic places dating from the pre-Christian era to the present day, hills, mountains, lakes and rivers, gorges and alpine skiing trails. You can also make your way to the world famous tower of Pisa which took over years to build and has been leaning since construction began in Take a walking tour of its many historical landmarks and enjoy the food, the culture, the ambience, and the surrounding scenery.

There is no doubt you’ll learn the meaning of la dolce vita the sweet life when you visit Rome. Day At Sea.

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Unless you live in a Tier 1 city for the US that means NYC, LA, Vegas, Miami basically or maybe a really good college town in the South, you’re just not going to even see that many 9s, and certainly not 10s. So the idea that gaming 9s and 10s is easier than 6s, 7s and 8s is just laughable, simply from a numerical standpoint. It’s like saying that getting a job at Google is easier than getting a job at Wal-Mart.

To clarify, for me a 9 is a girl who is hot enough that she can make a living based entirely off her looks, who probably does so in some capacity i. A 9 is a girl so hot that everyone stares at her when she walks into a room, both male and female, and even children, who can recognize her superior beauty. A 9 is a girl who is hot enough to be actively pursued for sex and relationships by the highest status men on the planet.

Other highlights include the Olympia Archaeological Museum where you will find the Head of Hera, the superb statue of Hermes of Praxiteles, the sculpted ornaments of the Temple of Zeus, and many.

Roland pledges fealty to Charlemagne , Holy Roman Emperor. During the decline of the Roman Empire , Europe entered a long period of change arising from what historians call the ” Age of Migrations “. This led to the founding of the Holy Roman Empire , which eventually became centred in the German principalities of central Europe. Its capital was Constantinople. Emperor Justinian I presided over Constantinople’s first golden age: Medieval demography The economic growth of Europe around the year , together with the lack of safety on the mainland trading routes, made possible the development of major commercial routes along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

In this context, the growing independence acquired by some coastal cities gave the Maritime Republics a leading role in the European scene. Through monasteries and cathedral schools, the Church was responsible for education in much of Europe. In Spain , the Reconquista concluded with the fall of Granada in , ending over seven centuries of Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

In the 11th and 12th centuries, constant incursions by nomadic Turkic tribes, such as the Pechenegs and the Kipchaks , caused a massive migration of Slavic populations to the safer, heavily forested regions of the north. The population of France was reduced by half. It was a serious blow to the Roman Catholic Church and led to increased persecution of Jews , foreigners, beggars and lepers.

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Through his many projects—including large-scale architectural interventions in which he physically cut through buildings slated for demolition—Matta-Clark developed a singular and prodigious oeuvre that critically examined the structures of the built environment. With actions and experimentations across a wide range of media, his work transcended the genres of performance, conceptual, process, and land art, making him one of the most innovative and influential artists of his generation.

The artist intended for this wall to be rebuilt and adapted to different locations by using found garbage from the specific city in which it is made.

Today, the three magnificent Doric temples—known as the Temple of Neptune, the “Basilica” of Hera, and the Temple of Ceres—can be explored up close. The Temple of Neptune (a misnomer, as it was likely dedicated to Hera) is especially intact and allows you to imagine what it .

Here you will experience Gothenburg dating from the s. Hitta telefonnummer och adresser till fretag och privatpersoner. Sk tjnster, produkter, kontaktuppgifter, kartor, vgbeskrivningar och gatuvyer. Sex, relationer, samlag, oralsex, analsex, onanera, svara p sexfrgor, sexliv, knslor New Zealand Climate Maps; Sun, Moon and second part of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite with an indigenous Cypriot fertility cult dating back to.

Gothenburg has an established fashion design scene and many local brands. Stroll around town and explore small indie shops, international stores and large malls.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

The study of identified particle production as a function of the proton-proton (pp) collision energy and multiplicity is a key tool for understanding similarities and differences between small and .

Lahore’s Wazir Khan Mosque is considered to be the most ornately decorated Mughal-era mosque. Sher Shah Suri continued to rise in power, and seized Lahore in , though Humayun reconquered Lahore in February Jahangir[ edit ] During the reign of Emperor Jahangir in the early 17th century, Lahore’s bazaars were noted to be vibrant, frequented by foreigners, and stocked with a wide array of goods. Shah Jahan[ edit ] Jahangir’s son, Shah Jahan , who reigned between and , was born in Lahore in He renovated large portions of the Lahore Fort with luxurious white marble, and erected the iconic Naulakha Pavilion in The population of pre-modern Lahore probably reached its zenith during his reign, with suburban districts home to perhaps 6 times as many compared to within the Walled City.

Shah Jahan’s son, and last of the great Mughal Emperors, Aurangzeb , further contributed to the development of Lahore. Aurangzeb built the Alamgiri Bund embankment along the Ravi River in in order to prevent its shifting course from threatening the city’s walls. Though Khan was able to win back control after the Persian armies had left, [39] Nader Shah’s invasion shifted trade routes away from Lahore, and south towards Kandahar instead.

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The successful candidate will spend the fall semester at one institution, and the spring semester at the other. The fellowship will be awarded, at one of two levels: Candidates must be conversant in English.

Curriculum Vitae – Updated June Gabriele Balbi, Ph.D. Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG) Faculty of Communication Sciences USI-Università della Svizzera italiana Via G. Buffi 13 CH – Lugano @ CURRENT POSITION Senior Assistant Professor of Media Studies, Università della Svizzera italiana, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Switzerland, Sep now.

Strait of Gibraltar The use of the term “Europe” has developed gradually throughout history. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions based on sociopolitical and cultural differences. Cyprus is closest to Anatolia or Asia Minor , but is usually considered part of Europe both culturally and politically and currently is a member state of the EU.

Malta was considered an island of North Africa for centuries. As a result, attempts to organise Europe along political or economic lines have resulted in uses of the name in a geopolitically limiting way [3] to refer only to the 28 member states of the European Union. Conversely, Europe has also been used in a very expansive way by the Council of Europe which has 47 member countries, [3] some of which territorially over-reach the Ural and Bosphorus lines to include all of Russia and Turkey.

In addition, people in the British Isles may refer to “continental” or “mainland” Europe as Europe. He took her to the island of Crete where she gave birth to Minos , Rhadamanthus , and Sarpedon. The etymology of Europe is uncertain. Broad has been an epithet of Earth herself in the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European religion. Martin Litchfield West states that “phonologically, the match between Europa’s name and any form of the Semitic word is very poor”. Barry , professor in Princeton University ‘s Near Eastern Studies Department, finds the mention of the word Ereb on an Assyrian stele with the meaning of “night”, “[the country of] sunset”, in opposition to Asu “[the country of] sunrise”, i.

Anaximander placed the boundary between Asia and Europe along the Phasis River the modern Rioni in the Caucasus, a convention still followed by Herodotus in the 5th century BC.

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Souranath Banerjee Leave a comment Amitabh Bachchan: The Blender of Perfect Combinations. Over the years, we have seen many great actors; we have seen many entertaining actors and have also seen many popular actors in Bollywood. But, nobody has got the attention and limelight for so long and towered over the rest as Amitabh has for much of his year-long innings.

The most beautiful Saxon castle is named after Duke Moritz, who built a hunting lodge in near his residence in Dresden. In the 18th century rebuilt by architect M. Poppelmann, which is known for the creation of a baroque image of Dresden.

Previously, there had been other etymologies by scholars of the 19th century. The goddess Athena and the god Poseidon had many disagreements and battles between them, and one of these was a race to be the Patron God of the city. In an attempt to compel the people, Poseidon created a salt water spring by striking the ground with his trident, symbolizing naval power. However, when Athena created the olive tree , symbolizing peace and prosperity , the Athenians, under their ruler Cecrops , accepted the olive tree and named the city after Athena.

History Acropolis of Athens , with Odeon of Herodes Atticus seen on bottom left The oldest known human presence in Athens is the Cave of Schist, which has been dated to between the 11th and 7th millennium BC. However, Athens, like many other Bronze Age settlements , went into economic decline for around years afterwards. Theseus was responsible, according to the myth, for the synoikismos “dwelling together” —the political unification of Attica under Athens.

Athens had by this time become a significant naval power with a large fleet, and helped the rebellion of the Ionian cities against Persian rule. However, this did not prevent Athens from being captured and sacked twice by the Persians within one year, after a heroic resistance at Thermopylae by Spartans and other Greeks led by King Leonidas ,[28] after both Boeotia and Attica fell to the Persians. The decades that followed became known as the Golden Age of Athenian democracy , during which time Athens became the leading city of Ancient Greece , with its cultural achievements laying the foundations of Western civilization.

The playwrights Aeschylus , Sophocles and Euripides flourished in Athens during this time, as did the historians Herodotus and Thucydides , the physician Hippocrates , and the philosopher Socrates.

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